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The Watchers' War

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The Making of

Sword of the Watch

Inspired by John Montgomery's 1981 short story, "Reunion", the Sword of the Watch saga's development spans nearly four decades.
It's expanding world includes writing, artwork, animation and music, with plans for gaming and film experiences. Join us on Facebook for more of the story behind the story.


The Story

Watchers, Spellmakers, demigods and demons--how the Sword of the Watch grew out of a love of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the influence of two great teachers.


Building Erathe

Join John Montgomery as he describes the world building experience, from D&D maps to writing the novels, here's the place where we discuss all things Erathian and how the world of the Sword of the Watch is becoming a reality.



Part of any great visual experience is the music that stirs the soul as only sound can do. John Montgomery discusses composing music for the Sword of the Watch game and film projects.


Props, Costumes, Makeup

An exciting new part of the Sword of the Watch project is the movement into 3D printing, and how teaming with others can create real-life performances from the inconic creatures and characters of the series.